CNN is the second largest news site in the world, with almost 2 billion hits per month

With Bitcoin’s recent high, the digital currency ended up appearing on the cover of several news sites around the world, but CNN used an expression that conveys the feeling of many people: „What #)$*@ is happening with Bitcoin Sunrise insane high?

The expression is easily read as „what the fuck“, which in good Portuguese means: „que P### is this…“, or „what the hell…“, or, finally, an expression with a dirty word after an absolute surprise about a fact.

It is worth remembering that CNN is a news agency with more than 20 information services , it provides content through TV, radio and internet in more than 200 countries. According to information available on its website, CNN reaches more people in the United States than any other TV news organization.

The call for the Bitcoin story was printed on the cover of the website and was entitled to an article on the American channel. The news quickly gained prominence in communities and digital currency groups.

What the fuck happening with Bitcoin

In the text, although the headline is a clear question, CNN tries to explain what is behind Bitcoin’s recent high. The digital currency valued US$ 7,000 in less than two weeks, being traded for US$ 20,000 on 12/16 and has now surpassed the US$ 27,000 mark. All this in less than two weeks.

CNN says that the asset is „falling to the top“ and that Bitcoin shows no signs that it will stop „rising“. It highlights that the digital currency has surpassed companies such as Mastercard and Visa, and says the current high is motivated by institutional investors who, in their words, are „pouring“ money into Bitcoin as a reserve of value.

The article calls Bitcoin’s high insane, and that there is excess enthusiasm in the market fed by FOMO (fear of losing opportunity).

To exemplify the excess of optimism in the market of cryptomoeda as a whole she cited the fact that Dogecoin, a cryptomoeda created in the form of a joke valued 15% after a tweet by Elon Musk.

In the text there is also a comment from Anthony Scaramucci, founder of Skybridge Capital, he says that people need to be aware and that the digital currency can drop up to 50% suddenly.

„This thing tends to fall, there’s always a correction, and these corrections are usually violent. Bitcoin can fall suddenly by 20% to 50%, you have to be very cautious“.

CNN is the second largest news site in the world, with almost 2 billion hits per month, according to Alexa data. Thanks to an article with a different title, many Americans now know why Bitcoin is growing in value in the last days.