Bitcoin is struggling with the $ 19,000 mark – but Gemini boss Winklevoss considers the current value to be a good opportunity to start. Meanwhile, gold fan Peter Schiff is trying to dampen the enthusiasm for Crypto Profit on Wall Street.

It took almost three years for the Bitcoin price to rise again to its all-time high

It is quite possible that the next all-time high above $ 20,000 will be set up soon. The Bitcoin Wale could at least not chase the course correction of the past week out of the basin. How high the BTC rate can rise in the medium and long term, however, also depends on who you ask.

Bitcoin exchange boss Tyler Winklevoss, for example, is certain that BTC will increase many times over. The Gemini boss considers a Bitcoin rate of 500,000 US dollars to be quite realistic.

Our thesis is that Bitcoin is Gold 2.0 and that it will disrupt gold. If it does, it must have a market cap of $ 9 trillion. So we think that bitcoin could one day sell for $ 500,000 per bitcoin. So at $ 18,000, Bitcoin is a hold or, if you don’t have one, a buying opportunity because we believe there is a 25x from here,

calls a work-related bullish Tyler Winklevoss in the CNBC telecast Squawk Box on the BTC purchase

Michael Sonnenshein would probably sign it like this: As Managing Director of Grayscale Investments, operator of a Bitcoin fund that has grown to almost half a million BTC, Sonnenshein sees the big bull run still to come:

If the inflow [of capital] into Grayscale gives an indication of the types of investors who are now interested in this asset class or the size of the allocations that are being made, then we are only at the beginning.

appreciates Sonnenshein.

Bitcoin rally without substance? Peter Schiff remains skeptical of BTC

As expected and based on experience, major investor Peter Schiff spits other sounds. As an avowed fan of gold, he can still gain precious little from what many see as the digital value storage counterpart to the precious metal. His attempts to drive the Bitcoin bull into the parade have become routine on crypto Twitter. The latest price rally, which is attributed, among other things, to the possible Bitcoin entry of the investment giant Guggenheim Partner, has not made a Bitcoin out of the gold evangelist.