• A group of crypto investors has filed a class-action lawsuit against 9 crypto influencers, seeking $1 billion in damages for endorsing FTX to millions of people.
• Ben Armstrong, one of the influencers named in the lawsuit, claims he never had dealings with FTX despite actively promoting their token just nine months prior.
• BitBoy has recently dropped a SHIB identity reveal video on his YouTube channel and has received backlash from Crypto Twitter.

FTX Lawsuit: Crypto Twitter Calls Out BitBoy and Others

A group of crypto investors have recently filed a class-action lawsuit against nine crypto influencers, including Ben ‚BitBoy‘ Armstrong, alleging that they were paid by the corrupt FTX boss Sam Bankman-Fried to endorse FTX (FTT) tokens and other FTX products to millions of people. The suit seeks $1 billion in damages from all parties involved.

BitBoy’s Claims Questioned

In response to the legal action taken against him, BitBoy declared that „we will finally be able to prove unequivocally that I never had dealings with FTX.“ However, this is not accurate as evidence exists showing that he actively promoted the company’s token just nine months ago. As such, BitBoy will have to explain himself in court.

BitBoy Drops SHIB Identity Reveal Video

Recently, BitBoy created controversy when he threatened to reveal the founder behind Shiba Inu (SHIB). Allegations arose claiming that Shibarium’s Beta code might be copied and pasted from another blockchain project; however these allegations were quickly denied by Rinia’s chief dev shortly after. Following this event, BitBoy released a 20 minute video on his YouTube channel exploring Shiba Inu’s development history but did not answer who Shytoshi Kusama is.

Crypto Twitter Criticizes Bitboy

Following his actions regarding SHIB, Crypto Twitter users took to the platform to criticize Bitboy; many posted screenshots showing where it was clearly stated that he actively endorsed FTX nine months prior while now claiming otherwise – which could land him in hot water with court proceedings.


The class-action lawsuit also names other crypto influencers such as lawyer Graham Stephan, Kevin Paffrath, Erika Kullber and Creators Agency LLC as defendants for their endorsement activities related to FTX products and tokens. It remains unclear if any of them had knowledge regarding the alleged corruption at play or simply acted out of personal gain; however it is certain that all those involved may face serious repercussions for their involvement in this case